Loiusville Visitor Joins Annual Tea

On February 15, 2020, JASNA Hawai`i members, joined by a visitor from JASNA Louisville, enjoyed an elegant tea service at Orchids at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki. The weather was beautiful with 80 degree temperatures, light breezes, and sunny skies. Attendees got to sample rare Maui-grown Halealaka tea in addition to the regular tea service items. As is our tradition, we played a round of Jane Austen Volleyball, with quiz questions based on Emma, and the “Right” team won over the “Left” team by the narrow margin of three to two.

For our next event, we’re planning a group viewing of the new Emma film. Details are yet to be determined as it’s unclear when (or if) Emma will play on O`ahu.

After that, our reading group will meet on April 25 to discuss the various versions of Sandition, including the new television adaptation.

Visiting JASNA members are always welcome to join in at any and all of our events. We’d love to show you our aloha. If you’re going to be on O`ahu, please contact us and we’ll give you full details about what’s happening.

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